Tải Minecraft Cho Win 10

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of the last decade. This game was released in 2011 và, since then, it has added millions of players so fast that in năm trước it was bought by Microsoft. Today it has more than 110 million active players worldwide, being probably one of the greachạy thử successes of all time.

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This game takes us khổng lồ a sandbox world made up of 3D cubes without any specific objective other than simply surviving. Users can bởi vì whatever they want inside the sandbox, from building the house (or the world) of their dreams to collecting all the farmeo objects.

Minecraft game modesDownload Minecraft miễn phí for WindowsTry the Minecraft edition for Windows 10 for freeHow to buy the full version of MinecraftDifferences of Minecraft in Java and the version for Windows 10

Minecraft game modes

Minecraft offers players several game modes.Survival Mode The objective of this game mode is, as the name implies, survive sầu. In this mode players must gather resources to lớn create all kinds of objects. The character has a health bar that is spent by falls, drowning, falls in lava, suffocation, hunger and other events. In addition, there are also monsters that usually appear at night, so we must have sầu weapons to lớn defend ourselves, or build a shelter khổng lồ spend the nights.Creative sầu mode . This mode gives us from the beginning all the resources we can find in the game và also allows us lớn move freely vertically. This mode is used khổng lồ shape the creations we want.Adventure mode This mode is similar khổng lồ survival mode, but with other restrictions. It is designed so that players can follow a kind of “story” based on the maps of other players.Viewer mode In this mode the user is a mere “spectator.” It can move sầu freely across the map, cross walls and cannot interact with the environment at all.In addition, how could it be less, Minecraft also has a multiplayer mode, both local và LAN và through the Internet with servers. This game mode allows several players to interact with each other và with the environment in the same world.

Download Minecraft không tính tiền for Windows

Minecraft has always been developed in Java. This has allowed this game to be available from the beginning for Windows, macOS and Linux, và also offer multiplatsize online gaming.
Minecraft is a paid game. If we want lớn unloông xã all its options & functions we must buy a license of the game from its trang web that costs 24 euros. It is not exactly cheap, although it is not one of the most expensive sầu considering all that it offers and the price that current games usually have sầu.Today it is possible to download two versions of this game. The first, the original, based on Java, & a completely renewed version and optimized for Windows 10 & the UWPhường platform.Both versions are paid. But if we want to lớn try the game before going through the box (or we don’t mind using it with the limitations), we can tải về the không lấy phí Minecraft trial from the following links .

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When downloading Minecraft we will tải về an installer (msi) that we must run on our computer. This will be responsible for downloading the game from Microsoft servers, tuning the Java machine & launching the game. We will have sầu to be registered in Mojang to lớn enter the world of Minecraft.

Try the Minecraft edition for Windows 10 for free

If we don’t want to use the original Java-based edition and want to lớn try the Windows 10 edition, all we have sầu lớn bởi vì is download the không lấy phí Minecraft UWP trial from the Microsoft Store.
Download Minecraft for Windows 10
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: Free
Like any tiện ích, once the trial version is downloaded, we open it, sign in with our Microsoft Account và be ready to start playing.

How to lớn buy the full version of Minecraft

If we want lớn unlock all the features và features of Minecraft, we must buy a full license for this game. For this, we only have khổng lồ go to lớn the following link & select the version we want to lớn buy:Minecraft Java Edition : the classic game as it was initially created with a price of 23.95 euros. Single payment.Minecraft Windows 10 Edition : an improved version of the classic game with more features, features and nội dung (such as expansions). It has a price of 29.99 euros, includes the base game, Minecoins và other additional nội dung & works on any device running Windows 10.
Minecraft Windows 10 Basic Collection
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: € 29.99+
Both versions will allow us to fully squeeze the experience of this sandbox game. However, we must choose the edition that best suits our needs, whether we want to lớn pay less or a more complete experience (although with a lot of in-game content khổng lồ spend the money).

Differences of Minecraft in Java and the version for Windows 10

The two versions include the base game, & the experience of playing the Java version và the Windows 10 edition will be the same. The game modes are the same & the possibilities are identical.
However, the edition for Windows 10 has a number of additions to improve the experience of players that are not available in the Java edition.Touch screen tư vấn.Minecraft MarketDLC & other downloadable nội dung (two new DLCs will be released this year).Featured multiplayer servers.Private servers administrator by Microsoft “plus”.Trophies and achievements.Parental control with Xbox Live sầu or Microsoft tài khoản.


Otherwise, both the Windows 10 và Java versions are the same. Both are compatible with mods, allow lớn rent servers to Microsoft, host private servers và allow play on LAN and Wi-Fi.