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In fact, the techniques I’m about to show you helped me rank #1 in Google for competitive sầu từ khoá lượt thích “SEO campaign”:

And “on page seo”:

So if you want to learn how lớn write content for SEO, you’ll love sầu today’s guide.

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Let’s get started.

What Is SEO Content?

SEO content is online content designed to lớn rank in tìm kiếm engines (lượt thích Google). Also, content written for SEO is typically optimized around a specific từ khoá.

And when it comes to tìm kiếm engine optimization, make no mistake:

Content is KEY.

In fact, HubSpot reports that businesses that regularly publish blog posts get 31/2 more traffic than those that don’t publish content on a regular basis.

Google has even come out và said that content is a SUPER important part of succeeding with SEO. Specifically, they confirmed that “content” is one of Google’s top 3 ranking factors.

And I can speak from firsth& experience that nội dung sale can help you get LOTS of organic traffic.

In fact, I regularly publish content on my blog that’s specifically designed to rank in Google.

And this SEO-focused nội dung strategy is one of the main reasons that my site gets 449,058 search engine visitors every month.

With that, here’s exactly how khổng lồ create nội dung for SEO.

How to Write SEO Content

Step #1: Choose a Topic

Your first step is lớn come up with a topic for your content.

Specifically, you want lớn cover a topic that your target customer cares about.

Here are 3 quichồng ways lớn come up with awesome content ideas:

Reddit: Head over khổng lồ active sầu subreddits where your target audience tends khổng lồ hang out. And look for topics that tover lớn come up again và again. These can be GREAT topics to lớn cover in a blog post or Clip.Competitor Blogs: Look at popular blog posts, videos and infographics from your competitors’ blogs. What bởi they have in common? What can you emulate (or improve)?Personas: Personas can help flesh out what type of content your target customer searches for online when they’re not searching for your sản phẩm or service. Here’s an example:

For example, my target audience is made up of people that bởi vì sale full-time.

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A while bachồng I noticed this discussion on the SEO subreddit.

So I decided khổng lồ create a post that answered that specific question:


Step #2: Find a Keyword

Now it’s time lớn find a keywords for your content.

To be clear:

Keyword research is a HUGE topic. So I can’t cover everything there is khổng lồ know about finding từ khoá here.

But I can give sầu you a handful of quiông chồng keywords retìm kiếm techniques that are working great right now.

First, use Google Suggest khổng lồ find long tail từ khóa.

What’s cool about this technique that is you get to lớn see keywords that people are searching for right now. Which means these terms aren’t super competitive sầu (yet).

Second, use Ubersuggest.

This không tính phí keywords research tool helps you come up with new từ khóa ideas. It also lets you know how many people search for that từ khóa in Google every month.

Finally, type a few different words and phrases inlớn AnswerThePublic.

Unlike most other từ khóa tools, AnswerThePublic focuses 100% on questions. So if you want khổng lồ create nội dung optimized around question keywords (like: “Why is nội dung kinh doanh important?”), this tool is a goldmine.

And if you want to see a lot of these strategies in action, I recommover checking out this short đoạn Clip.

Go ahead, I’ll wait