ZIP is an archive sầu tệp tin format that supports lossless data compression. This file, lượt thích other archive tệp tin formats, is simply a collection of one or more files and/or folders but is compressed inkhổng lồ a single tệp tin for easy transportation và compression. However, some users on Mac OS are getting an error when they try to lớn double clichồng the zip file khổng lồ unzip. The error message they get is “Unable lớn exp& filename.zip (Error 1 – Operation not permitted.)” và it is shown with the Archive sầu Utility dialog.

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Unable khổng lồ expvà error on mac

What Causes Unable to Expvà Zip File?

We investigated this particular issue by looking at various user reports & the repair strategies that were commonly used to lớn troubleshoot and resolve the issue by users finding themselves in a similar situation. Based on our investigations, there are several different scenartiện ích ios that are known lớn trigger this particular error message:

The tải về tệp tin is damaged – When you are downloading files in a browser on Mac OS, there’s a chance that the tệp tin might not be downloaded correctly và completely because of closing the websites before the downloading completion. Whenever this happens, you will be unable lớn open the zip tệp tin, even though the tệp tin might be present in Download folders. In this case, you can resolve sầu this issue by downloading the file again without closing the downloading website or by downloading through Terminal.Zip file containing a very large file – Another Potential case in which this error occurs is when unzipping (decompressing) a very large tệp tin. Several users finding themselves in a similar situation have sầu reported that they managed to lớn resolve the issue after using Terminal with the unzip comm& khổng lồ exp& the zip file. Because Archive Utility doesn’t allow you lớn unzip large files.

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Permission on the zip files – In some case, the permission lớn read/write or directory of the zip tệp tin can be responsible for this particular error. If this scenario is applicable, you can resolve sầu the issue by using the 3rd tiệc ngọt software lớn unzip the files.

Method 1: Unzip File by Using Terminal

When the simple double clicking zip doesn’t work, you can always try to unzip the files in Terminal. Sometimes the large kích thước files are unable lớn decompress in the Archive sầu Utility & it needs to be decompressed in Terminal. There is a simple comm& “unzip” used in the Terminal for the zip files, khổng lồ make them unzip. When you use this comm& the tệp tin will go khổng lồ the user trương mục folder. To unzip a file in Terminal, follow the below steps:

Hold Command and Press Space to lớn open Spotlight, type Terminal khổng lồ search and Enter

Opening Terminal through SpotlightNow try the unzip comm& for your zip file

unzip filename.zip(You can drag & drop the zip file, so it can paste the directory too)Press Enter and it will start unzipping


Decompressing the zip file in TerminalFor most cases, if you get No such directory Error or cannot find, you can manually use “cd” commvà to get inkhổng lồ the directory và unzip from there, Like this:cd Desktopunzip timer.zip

Using the cd comm& to lớn change directory và then unzip in TerminalIf this doesn’t solve sầu the issue for you, then don’t worry, you can try the next method below.

Method 2: Using Decompression Utility Software

Now sometimes there can be problems with your permissions or opening of zip file normally. But there are many Utility software on App Store & online, which can help you unzip the zip files without any issues. You can tải về the Stuffit Expander from the Mac App Store and try using that for the zip tệp tin. Most of the users were unable lớn unzip files even by using Terminal but using this software helped them fix the problem. You can check the steps below for how to lớn unzip using this application:

Open Mac App Store by clicking the inhỏ in Dock

App Store on Mac OSNow search for the phầm mềm “Stuffit Expander” in the phầm mềm storeClick on the Get and then Install, this will install the application on your Mac OS
Installing the Stuffit Expander on App storeAfter installing, click open or go lớn Spotlight (Comm& + Space) và search for “Stuffit Expander”, then open itNow, cliông xã on the Stuffit Expander Icon of applicationLocate the zip file that you want khổng lồ unzip and open
Unzipping the zip file through Stuffit ExpanderThen choose the thư mục where you want khổng lồ unzip it toThis will unzip the compressed file for you. By Kevin ArrowsJuly 22, 2021 2 minutes read
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Expert Tip

Fix: Unable lớn Expvà Zip File on Mac

If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories và replace corrupt và missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to lớn a system corruption. You can tải về Restoro by clicking the Download button below.