Fix: error 0xc00007b "application was unable to start correctly"

The application was unable khổng lồ start correctly (0xc000007b) is an error message indicating a problem when launching an application on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, or 7. The issue mostly occurs after upgrading Windows, or installing 32-bit software instead of 64-bit or vice versa. Typically, the issue is related khổng lồ Microsoft Visual C++, .NET Framework or Direct X.

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Since there is no magic way to lớn identify the real cause of the problem, you will need khổng lồ dedicate some time and try several methods listed below lớn fix 0xc000007b on Windows and be able to launch your favourite applications again.

We have sầu noticed that the majority of people who run inlớn this error use Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 7 32 bit versions. However, Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 users often encounter The application was unable to lớn start correctly error as well.

Often times, the error occurs when users try khổng lồ run 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows. While practically it is possible, it often causes various system errors, such as 0xc000007b.

The error occurs when program cannot start correctly.

We’ll begin with the easier methods khổng lồ apply, và proceed with techniques that can seem more advanced for beginners.

12 Methods khổng lồ Fix 0xc000007b Error (The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly)

Faulty, deleted or misconfigured Windows system files can be the cause of The application was unable khổng lồ start correctly 0xc00007b Windows 8 or 10 error. Besides, attempts khổng lồ fix Windows Registry or system files manually và without certain IT knowledge can bởi even more harm. This is why we recommend downloading RESTORO, a trustworthy và powerful tool lớn repair your Windows OS files. In other words, it can be seen as a 0xc000007b repair utility.

In UAC window, press Yes.
Click Install và follow the directions given by the installation wizard to lớn install it correctly.
Once the program installs, it will run an automatic system scan, overviewing three areas – system security, stability & hardware issues. This includes Registry and Windows system files’ check.
The software will provide a report about detected issues. To fix these issues, you will need to purchase and enter the program’s license key.

Method 2. Restart your computer

It is a well-known fact that a fresh computer reboot can solve sầu many things. Therefore, we suggest trying it as a error 0xc000007b fix on Windows 10, 8, và 7. Therefore, simply cliông chồng Start > nguồn Button & choose Restart.

Method 3. Run the program as administrator

Running the program giving you error 0xc000007b in administrator’s mode can actually help to open it correctly. There are several ways you can attempt lớn run a program (such as GTA5, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed, Adobe, Autocad, or others) as Admin.

3.1 Run from Windows searchmở cửa Windows search & type in the name of the program you want to launch.Once a result comes up, right-click it and choose Run as Administrator.
If required, enter the admin’s password. Otherwise, if you are logged in as admin, click Yes in User Account Control window.3.2 Run the program as admin via its settings

The second method of running the troublesome application as admin lớn solve The Application The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b Windows 8 or 10 error is khổng lồ set it to lớn always run it as Administrator. Here’s how lớn do it:

First, you need your program’s executive sầu tệp tin. Whether you have sầu it on your Desktop or in a thư mục where it is installed (you can search for program via Windows tìm kiếm, right-click the result and choose mở cửa File Location). Once you find the program launcher, right-clichồng it.In a thực đơn that appears, choose Properties.Next, cliông chồng Compatibility tab.Here, put a tiông xã on Run the program as an administrator.Cliông chồng Apply.Clichồng OK.

Method 4. Chechồng & fix the disk errors automatically

One of the easiest methods khổng lồ solve 0xc000007berror on Windows 7 or later is khổng lồ run a CHKDSK comm& via Command Prompt with Admin’s rights. Here’s what you need to lớn do:

In Windows search, type cmd, then right-cliông chồng the result and choose Run as Administrator. Cliông xã Yes or enter the admin’s password, if required.
Next, type chkdsk c: /f /r in the command prompt and press Enter.Type Y & press Enter again.
Restart your computer.Try launching the program again.

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Method 5. Reinstall your application

Whether you are getting The application was unable lớn start correctly (0xc000007b) error while launching Adobe Photosiêu thị, Connect, GTA, Far Cry or another application, you should try uninstalling that application & reinstalling it again.

Note. Don’t use this method if you get the error frequently & with many applications. It means that the issue lies elsewhere.

In tìm kiếm, type control panel and open a matching result.In control panel, cliông xã on Uninstall a program.Here, find the program which displays the said error, select it and click Uninstall. Follow instructions on your screen.Go to lớn the software’s official website & tải về the lachạy thử installer of it. Make sure you choose the right bit version for your PC. Install it according khổng lồ instructions. See if the issue persists.

Method 6. Install Windows Update to fix error 0xc000007b

A simple Windows update can refresh your operating system with required components & function as a 0xc000007b repair utility.

To update Windows, open Settings (via search or Start Menu) > Update và Security.Here, click Chechồng for updates or choose toRestart Now, according to information shown in Windows Update window.

Method 7. Reinstall the .NET Framework

.NET framework is a software development framework which helps khổng lồ build and run programs on Windows OS. Reinstalling or upgrading to the lachạy thử version is a common practice khổng lồ fix The application was unable khổng lồ start correctly issue. 

Go to lớn Microsoft’s website and see which version is marked as Recommended. Typically, it is the lakiểm tra version, which is what you need. Clichồng it.You will be taken khổng lồ your chosen .NET framework version’s page. Here, choose to download .NET Framework (version) Runtime (or Developer, if you are a developer).
Click on the downloaded file lớn open it. Cliông xã Yes in UAC window.
Wait until the update will be installed, but follow the instructions on the screen carefully.Restart your computer and try launching the program again.

Method 8. Repair DirectX installation

Windows versions currently supported by Microsoft include DirectX which is updated via Windows updates. However, you can use this handy install/repair tool by Microsoft called DirectX End-User Runtime Web installer. But first, you need to lớn delete some DirectX components first.

mở cửa C:WindowsSystem32 if you have Windows 7 32 bit &, if you have sầu Windows 7 64 bit version, C:WindowsSysWOW64. (same instructions for other Windows versions).You now need khổng lồ delete these files:
from d3dx9_24.dll to lớn d3dx9_43.dll;d3dx10.dll, then from d3dx10_33.dll khổng lồ d3dx10_43.dll;d3dx11_42.dll & d3dx11_43.dll.Open the downloaded tệp tin which should be called dxwebthiết đặt.exe. ClickYesin UAC prompt.The next thing you need khổng lồ vì chưng is click I accept the agreement và cliông xã Next.Wait for the installer lớn finish fixing DirectX installation.
Restart your PC and try running your preferred application again.

Method 9. Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

Repairing Microsoft Visual C++ packages rather than reinstalling them is a way easier method to lớn get rid of application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b error. Here’s what you need lớn do:

In search, type control panel. xuất hiện the matching result.In Control Panel, find section called Programs & cliông xã Uninstall a program under it. Depending on a Windows version, you might have to lớn clichồng Add or Remove sầu Programs.In the top right corner, use search bar & type Microsoft Visual C++. You will see a list of packages installed on your computer. Select the first one from the menu, click Change, then Repair.
Clichồng Yes in the pop-up window that appears.Wait until the package repairs itself.Repeat with all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.Restart your computer & try running the program again.

Method 10. Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

If method 9 didn’t solve sầu the problem, follow the same steps but instead of clicking Change>Repair, choose to lớn Uninstall and repeat this for all of the packages. Then visit Microsoft’s trang web and tải về the lathử nghiệm supported C++ package.