The Windows operating system & the software that runs on it has come a long way in terms of usability & reliability, but that doesn’t stop it from throwing a spanner in the works occasionally, though.

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi entry point not found

Type ‘SFC /scannow’ và hit Enter.

If the scan finds a file mismatch or errors, it will automatically fix the issue. If the scan doesn’t find anything wrong, it will tell you so. Then you will need lớn try one of these other steps.


Manually install the DLL file

If you can identify the missing or damaged tệp tin, you can often find a copy in another program & copy it across.

This can be a quick & dirty fix if you need the program khổng lồ be working in a hurry. Use Windows Explorer & perform a search for the tệp tin in question.

Install the program that includes the file

As I said in the example above sầu, msvcrt.dll is part of the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package for (X86). Therefore, to lớn replace the tệp tin, I can download the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package directly from the Microsoft trang web.

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If you can identify the exact DLL tệp tin referenced in the error message syntax, you can vì chưng the same as long as the source of the tệp tin is trustworthy. Trustworthy, in this context, means from Microsoft or another trusted source.

Reinstall the program throwing the error

If one particular program is constantly throwing up the ‘entry point not found’ error, it might be easiest lớn just reinstall that program entirely. Sometimes a fresh install is the best solution for entry point errors and other errors.

As long as you have the installer file or the disc, simply reinstall or select Repair from the installer menu khổng lồ scan and replace the damaged or missing file. If you overlay the program, you should not đại bại any functionality or data.

Once again, there’s no ‘best’ fix, there’s just the fix you’re the most comfortable with & that works for you.

Once you decide which fix is the best for you, you’ll be able khổng lồ fix entry point errors on Windows easily, enabling you to get baông chồng up và running at full capacity very quickly.

Have sầu you encountered ‘entry point not found’ error messages in Windows before? If so, how did you handle the problem? What was the outcome of your troubleshooting efforts? Please tell us about it in a bình luận below!