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Windows 8.1 Pro iso full version không tính tiền download

Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit Full Version lathử nghiệm download from my trang web profullcrachồng. it is an tăng cấp from the original Windows 8 version of OS. It was first shown to the public as a beta version in 2013 và it was released later that same year in August. Upgrading from Windows 8 was không tính tiền of charge for users that had the same version “Pro” previously installed.

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The overall interface and interactivity with the program have sầu changed starting with Windows 8. Because 8.1 was considered an update the support was kept and the lifecycle was continued, this included SP.. (service packs) & patches.

The changes are massive sầu as the entire “face” of the OS was redesigned and it was somehow related lớn tablets as far as tabs và access are concerned.


Features và improvements

Windows presented a plethora of changes and updates for Windows 8, these are all available for the 8.1 version and will change the way we use and engage with the OS:

Faster startup with the help of UEFI integrationA “hybrid boot” mode that allows for the kernel to lớn hibernateNative sầu support for USB 3.0Advanced HDD 4KB format supportSupport for near field communication that translates inlớn a better communication between devicesWindows storeA ribbon was now in place of the comm& bar and Windows Explorer became File ExplorerAn easier way of viewing the tabs of Task Manager was developed, it could allow for a “bird’s eye view” of objects that are hostedThe infamous “Blue screen of death” was updated, it featured a modern view of issues & a new troubleshooting area

A truly upgraded version

Windows 8.1 Pro 32 & 64 bit is not just another version of the same operating system, it really brings improvements khổng lồ the table và it đơn hàng with some of the issues its predecessor had. There is a total of 5 versions of Windows 8.1.

The one we are interested in brought up new & desirable features.

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Start screen enhancements

All ứng dụng viewColored tilesNew sizes for tilesNew backgroundsApp snapping system can hold up to four appsSwipe up for cameraImproved autocomplete mechanism for on-screen keyboard

Start button & others

The start button was restored to the taskbarShutdown and sign-out are present in the Quick LinksA tutorial is available for a better learning of the interface


Improved integration with the Windows Store và the desktop environment when a mouse is in use

Pro supplements

These are only available for the “Pro” version, not taking into consideration Enterprise, this version has it all.

File encryption – Bit LockerHyper-V supportWindows Media CenterCorporate tên miền network access

Why go for a 64-bit version?

The 64-bit version can manage a bigger memory và yes, we are talking about RAM. A 32-bit software will only handle 4 GB of RAM, và you can only use 3.5 of it. Bigger programs require more RAM, when they vị not have sầu it they will take up hard disk space, this, in turn, will make the computer run slower & nowadays this has become unacceptable.

Security is a big issue for 32-bit applications, when using the 64-bit software you will mostly giảm giá with Microsoft approved drivers. This is a must as damaging software will always be a threat for any computer.

You can always run 32-bit applications & software on a 64-bit machine, the reverse is not applicable. Sticking to a 64-bit architecture & applications is the thing khổng lồ vày, there are virtually has no downsides.

Hardware specifications

These are the recommended specifications:

Processor – x64 architecture with SLAT for Hyper-V supportMemory (RAM) – 4 GBGraphics card – DirectX 10 graphic support deviceDisplay – 1024×768 HD capabilitiesHard disk – đôi mươi GB

Final thoughts

A power tool lượt thích Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit is a must for anybody toàn thân who wants lớn get things done because that is what it does. The change from Windows 7 may be a little abrupt but it does come with a lot of new and exciting ideas và features. The interface looks great và the overall interaction is much easier. Using & customizing it is a “walk in the park” và along with the tools, it offers it really is a solid choice.


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