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Description: Oracle Crystal Ball is a powerful plugin for performing financial and economic calculations và analysis in Excel. Usually, market participants will not be able to survive sầu and grow in financial markets without measuring financial progress & analyzing their situation or even competitors. Students in economics, accounting, & finance all need to lớn learn and perform these calculations, at least for their dissertations & theses. On the other hand, performing analytical calculations is a complex task, và if we were lớn bởi it ourselves in Excel & spreadsheet software, a lot of time và energy would be wasted.

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In fact, a lot of our work will be spent designing tables, charts, how they relate to lớn each other, using Excel formulas and customizing them, & even complex macros. This plugin is provided khổng lồ facilitate this operation. After installing this program, a new tab will be added in Excel that you can easily perkhung all financial calculations and economic analysis.

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The program has a large number of predefined functions và features that in most cases vị not even need to lớn add or change these features.

Just enter your information and use the features of this program. In this plugin, it is easy lớn calculate, forecast profits, financial risks & determine the igiảm giá portfolio & در in stochồng issues. This program gives you the ability khổng lồ focus on data modeling, forecasting & data optimization without getting involved with Excel. You can view the analysis results with different types of charts. Since this program provides services in the size of an Excel plugin, you vị not need much time lớn learn it, because you are definitely already familiar with Excel.If you want to lớn tải về Oracle Crystal Ball full license, please click to DOWNLOAD symbol and complete check out a little help my trang web is maintained. The tải về link is appeared automatically when you complete kiểm tra out.

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