Autodesk autocad mechanical 2017 sp1 64bit full crack

Are you considering downloading AutoCAD 2017 crack as an alternative to lớn the paid version? Of course, it takes up less space & you bởi not have sầu khổng lồ pay for software.

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However, is everything good with this way of getting software? Further, I will explain to you why using cracked programs is dangerous, và what are the negative sầu aspects of downloading pirated software are.

AutoCAD is used lớn work with various technical drawings and create graphic designs. The acronym CAD stands for computer-aided kiến thiết.

This software is a top option for engineering, 3D kiến thiết, và entertainment purposes. If you are offered the không tính phí AutoCAD 2017 crachồng, this is definitely unofficial software.


The software contains new tools for easy making and editing centerlines & center marks which you can find at the Annotate ribbon.
The Centerline tool creates centerline geometry of a concrete linetype that remains associated with the selected lines and polylines.
The Center Mark tool makes an associative center mark at the center of a selected circle, arc or polygonal arc.
The first is khổng lồ send a file khổng lồ the 3D Print Service, from where an STL file will be sent to lớn a 3 chiều print service.
The second one is khổng lồ clichồng the new Print Studio tool, which downloads Autodesk Print Studio, an application that enables you to print directly to lớn one of supported 3D printers.
You can easily import geometry from a PDF tệp tin into lớn the current drawing. Then you can phối its scale, rotation & insertion point, choose the type of data khổng lồ import from the PDF file (geometry, solid fills, text, and raster objects), control how layers are assigned lớn imported objects, & so on.
A realistic rendering of a 3D model gives a clear vision of about how the finished sản phẩm will look.
Rendering is the process of creating a raster image based on the 3 chiều objects in a scene. Visualization tool is used to calculate the appearance of the materials attached lớn the objects in a scene, và how lighting & shadows are computed based on the lights in a scene.

System Requirements

Operation System Windows: 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Paông xã 1 or Windows 8.1 Apple: macOS v10.13 or later
Processor Intel® Xeon® E3 or Vi xử lý Core i7 or equivalent, 3.0 GHz or greater
RAM 16 GB RAM or more
Graphic Processor 4 GB of GPU VRAM
Monitor Resolution 19đôi mươi x 1080 or greater

Windows AutoCAD 2017

Filename: win_autocad_2017.exe cộ (download)
Filesize: 2 GB

Mac AutoCAD 2017

Filename: mac_autocad_2017.dmg (download)
Filesize: 1.5 GB

Windows AutoCAD 2017 Tools

Filename: 1_autocad_2017_tools.exe pháo (download)
Filesize: 28 MB

Mac AutoCAD 2017 Tools

Filename: 2_autocad_2017_tools.dmg (download)
Filesize: 85 MB

Why Using AutoCAD 2017 Crack Is Dangerous?


1. Law Violation

I’ve written about the illegality of using pirated programs before. Many countries, including the United States, fight piracy and have penalties for those who break the law.

Limited Internet access is just one of the possible punishments for downloading và using AutoCAD 2017 crack DLL files. For more serious cases, expect heavy fines or even imprisonment.

2. Viruses

Viruses are one of the most dangerous components that are included in the cracked program. They can cause many troubles, such as loss of personal data, damage to the computer, or disruption of the OS. Modern antivirut software will help you prsự kiện crashes and protect your PC.

3. Lagging

Pirated versions of programs are significantly limited in functionality. You will not be able lớn get access khổng lồ all the tools, and those available often lag. Moreover, AutoCAD 2017 full crachồng can affect the operation of the entire system and lead to constant system reboots.

4. No Possibility lớn Update

Another disadvantage of using illegal software is the inaccessibility of updates. By purchasing a licensed program, you have the opportunity to lớn receive sầu regular improvements to tools and bug fixes automatically.

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Everything is completely different with cracked programs. You have khổng lồ wait until the hackers unlock the latest version of the software & then you can download it.


5. No Support

Legal Version of AutoCAD 2017 Crack

If you aren’t interested in AutoCAD craông chồng & are not going to lớn break the law, then go on reading. I will explain how khổng lồ get AutoCAD free without resorting khổng lồ illegal actions.

1. AutoCAD 2021

Platforms: Windows, Mac Price: Free trial or $1.690/year"s Rating

If you want lớn get a complete mix of tools for creating và editing 2D và 3D designs, this desktop version is what you need.

It contains many useful functions, such as creating design projects và modifying them, making volumetric solid models, applying mesh options, & so on. Many functions (making drawing comparisons, adding blocks, creating tables, lists, schedules, etc.) can be automated lớn simplify & tốc độ up your work.

Here you can find specific features for various industrial purposes, including architectural, electrical, technical, & others.

If you are still in doubt, the company offers to lớn chạy thử the program for free during a 30-day trial period.

2. AutoCAD Mobile

Platforms: iOS, Android Price: Free"s Rating

Owners of Smartphone devices, who are not interested in illegal AutoCAD 2017 crack, can install the official điện thoại tiện ích. It has everything you need for drafting và creating designs on your điện thoại thông minh. You can bởi vì almost everything as in the desktop version: draw, edit, work with layers, add dimensions to lớn drawings, & more.

You can save sầu your results in both thiết bị di động & desktop versions thanks khổng lồ the availability of a cloud connection. It means that you can continue from the point where you left off regardless of the device.

AutoCAD 2017 Crack Free Alternatives

What lớn vị if you bởi not want to lớn use AutoCAD 2017 full craông chồng and your budget does not allow you lớn purchase the official version? The way out of the situation could be the installation of không tính phí alternative sầu programs.

1. FreeCAD


FreeCAD perfectly replaces both AutoCAD 2017 crack & the legal program when it comes to parametric 3D options. It has enough capabilities khổng lồ create specific industrial projects & solid models for 3 chiều printing. This program is compatible with all popular platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows) & can be downloaded không lấy phí of charge.

Support for various formats, including IGES, OBJ, STEPhường, STL, DAE is another benefit of this software. Also, you can expvà the functionality with plugins and improve sầu designs using effects & filters.

2. LibreCAD


LibreCAD is used for various purposes, including the creation of architectural, home, engineering, industrial 2D projects. The program has enough không lấy phí basic functions so that you vày not have the desire lớn use the pirated AutoCAD 2017 full crack. Although 3 chiều modeling is not available, you can create và enhance professional designs, modify previously completed projects, make layers and edit them.

Thanks khổng lồ the huge online community, you can always count on help in solving any problems connected with the program. It is suitable for users from different countries as it supports more than thirty languages. This software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

3. OpenSCAD


OpenSCAD allows you to lớn create stunning 3D models. A sphere, cube, prism, & other simple shapes can be used as the basis for your design. Due khổng lồ the ability to specify dimensions in the script, the workflow is simpler & more convenient. You can adjust the necessary parameters khổng lồ achieve sầu more accurate results.

This AutoCAD 2017 crachồng alternative allows you to control the entire process thanks to the ability to lớn change your actions. Before you save sầu or print the resulting kiến thiết, you can pđánh giá it.



With QCAD, you can create various 2D projects –from simple to the most complex ones. The program offers you enough tools lớn work with landscape, building designs, drawings, etc. Clear tools are suitable for both professional designers và freelancers.

Since AutoCAD 2017 craông xã is not an option, you should consider this software. It is compatible with major operating systems, supports metric or imperial systems. Moreover, QCAD has a huge library with 5000 CAD parts for your projects and supports a wide range of file formats.