Cài onedrive cho win 8.1

OneDrive sầu is miễn phí online storage, like an extra hard drive sầu that’s also available from any device you use. So when you add a tệp tin khổng lồ OneDrive, it"s always with you, whether you’re on a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.

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Tip: This is one of several videos lớn help you start using OneDrive sầu. See more at OneDrive training videos.


First, add your files to lớn OneDrive

There are a few ways khổng lồ add files to OneDrive, so that document or photo lớn will always be with you.

Tip: All of these options - including the OneDrive app, which is built inkhổng lồ Windows 8.1, and the OneDrive sầu website - connect khổng lồ the same thing. So your files are kept in one place, which you can reach in a few ways.

Copy a file in the OneDrive sầu app

Open the OneDrive phầm mềm from the Start menu & then open or create the thư mục where you want to lớn add the tệp tin.

Swipe up from the bottom edge, or right-clichồng, lớn see the phầm mềm commands, then select Add files.

Browse khổng lồ the file that you want lớn copy, select it, then select Copy lớn OneDrive. The file is copied, so it remains also on your PC.

Move sầu a lot of files, or entire folders

xuất hiện File Explorer in the desktop, & browse khổng lồ the items (files or whole folders) on your PC that you want to lớn move sầu.

Drag them from the tệp tin list on the right to lớn OneDrive in the thư mục menu on the left. Drop them inlớn OneDrive or one of the folders in OneDrive.


Tip: Dragging moves the tòa tháp from your PC to lớn OneDrive. To copy the thắng lợi (so the thành tích stays on your PC), press và hold Ctrl while you drag.

Upload files to OneDrive sầu.com

Sign in khổng lồ OneDrive sầu.com with your diehmayxanh.com trương mục, and open the folder where you want to lớn add the file.

On the top commvà bar, select Upload.


Browse to find the thành công you want and cliông xã Open. The nhà cửa is copied khổng lồ OneDrive, so it remains also on your PC.

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Save Office documents directly lớn OneDrive

From an open Office file (Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel workbook), select File > Save sầu As.

Under Save sầu As, select OneDrive.

Browse khổng lồ find the thư mục where you want lớn add the file, và click Open. This does not keep a copy of the file on your PC, unless you also save sầu it to your PC.

Get and work with your files in OneDrive

OneDrive keeps your files like another hard drive sầu for your PC, so you find và open them like other files on your PC.

The OneDrive app - xuất hiện the OneDrive app from your computer"s Start thực đơn, then browse khổng lồ find the file you want.

File Explorer - OneDrive appears in File Explorer in the Folder danh sách on the left, where you find your PC"s other storage locations. Cliông xã OneDrive lớn see the folders & files there, then cliông xã the file you want, to open it.


Office apps - You can use Office apps khổng lồ open files from OneDrive sầu. In an Office ứng dụng, select File > Open, then under Open, select OneDrive as the source of the tệp tin you want lớn open. Browse to find the file & click Open.

Note: Files that you open from OneDrive sầu open in the programs used to create or view them. Office documents opened in the OneDrive sầu app or the OneDrive sầu trang web open in the Office Online version of the ứng dụng - for example, opening a Word document from OneDrive sầu opens the document in Word for the web. Office documents opened from File Explorer open in the Office desktop tiện ích - for example, Word documents open in Word. Files such as photos, PDFs, videos or music open in the programs set as your defaults for those tệp tin types.

Get your files from any device

Use any device with Internet connection lớn access files on OneDrive sầu - sign in khổng lồ the OneDrive website.

The OneDrive sầu tiện ích is also available for Mac computers và mobile devices. To download the phầm mềm khổng lồ your devices, go to lớn these pages:

OneDrive sầu for Windows | Windows Phone Store | Apple App Store | Google Play |

Note: The Google Play store and the OneDrive sầu ứng dụng for Android aren"t available in China. Also, because OneDrive.com is blocked in China by the government firewall, the OneDrive app won"t work in Trung Quốc when you sign in with a diehmayxanh.com tài khoản.

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