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The release of Adobe After Effects CC 2019 introduces several cool new features và changes that can enhance your VFX và motion graphics workflow. In this brief course, Mark Christiansen helps you quickly get up to tốc độ with the most notable of these new additions, explaining how each new feature can be incorporated in your post-production process. Mark provides you with his unvarnished opinion throughout the course, laying out what"s actually useful in this update. Learn about the more robust 3D Channel effects, new features that improve sầu interoperability with Premiere Pro, how to lớn trachồng planes in Mophụ vương AE 6, & more.

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- After Effects CC 2019 is here. My name is Mark Christiansen, & I"m here khổng lồ show you what"s new. If you have sầu any experience at all with After Effects, this course will help you in a couple of ways. You"ll get a look at everything major that has been added or changed without the marketing hype. In fact, where appropriate, I"ll give you my opinion as a decades long expert using the tiện ích, what is truly useful and where there"s still room for improvement. Moreover, this time around, we"ve designed the course so you can get up to lớn speed during a lunch break. Some of the highlights we"ll cover include the more robust 3D channel tools, which used lớn be basically useless for 3 chiều layers created in After Effects itself. Mophụ vương AE 6, which is my personal favorite upgrade in this version because it makes the most reliable tracker included with Creative Cloud much more usable, as well as features to make animation & timing work more smoothly. For more advanced users, the JavaScript engine behind Expressions has been completely revamped, & there are a number of new features that improve sầu interoperability with Premiere Pro and Animate CC and now even Adobe XD. If you"re a longtime veteran of After Effects, this course is especially helpful for you. I work with people who"ve been using After Effects for nearly as long as I have sầu, và frankly, they"re the least likely khổng lồ learn anything new about how the phầm mềm has been redesigned unless it"s staring them in the face. Taking a little time khổng lồ familiarize yourself as a pro user will pay off as your productivity and tool mix increase. This course includes example files, but don"t worry too much about following along closely. This is all about showing you what"s new, how to lớn get started with it and what to watch out for so you can hit the ground running.

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